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Company Information

Social Highlights

Health and Safety

Employees are encouraged to take responsibility for their own health and safety, as well as that of their peers. Our Corporate Health & Safety Policy, Global Safety and Health Plan Self Assessment and EHS Management System work together to help maintain the safety and health of 3M South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa employees and provide a safe and healthy workplace.

Performance Management

We believe people should understand how their contribution adds value to the business. Therefore every individual has clear objectives, linked to team and business objectives. These are reviewed at least once every year. In addition, the Employee Contribution and Development Process (EC&DP) is a process for measuring and shaping individual contribution and development. We also gather feedback through surveys from employees to ensure the EC&DP is working and that people have written personal objectives in place.

Two-way Communication

We actively promote two-way communication between employees and the company in a number of ways, including through employee forums. One issue that has been raised through this process is work/life balance and we are addressing this with positive action, for example through counselling and training in stress management.

Leadership Development

People who join 3M and demonstrate leadership capability are fast-tracked, for example through our global, intensive three-week Accelerated Leadership Development programme. We also have specific functional programmes, such as the Marketing Leadership Development programme.

Career Opportunities

3M’s scale, diversity and reputation as an industry leader and innovator continues to help attract and retain quality employees around the globe. Many employees build a long service career with us.

3M South Africa - Social Investment Policy

We have a history of investing in the communities in which we operate, by supporting positive developments in the following areas:

  • Education is focused on sciences and engineering, medical institutions, business and technical schools. Bursaries are awarded through the SAIRR (South Africa Institute of Race Relations) for distribution to needy students from disadvantaged communities to further their studies.
  • Healthcare support is targeted at enriching and strengthening hospital development, medical research, training and skills development at medical institutions, HIV/AIDS, youth development. Emphasis is placed on developing self-sustaining projects that focus on prevention and intervention efforts.
  • Economic Development is supported by assisting fast-tracking SMME’s (Small, Micro and Medium Enterprises) that are strategically linked to our business. 3M also places specific focus on economic development in rural and severely underdeveloped areas.
  • Discretionary Fund that is used for organizations or projects that are aligned to our sphere of business influence.

In order for 3M’s social responsibility efforts to be most successful we have chosen to focus our efforts in these specific areas. 3M aims to build sustainable relationships with the organizations that we support. This is accomplished by being involved in these organizations. We encourage our CSI partners to keep us informed of developments as well as future projects in which the organization is involved.

Our community Programme

3M South Africa has a formal Corporate Social Investment (CSI) policy that focuses on investment for the upgrade of the African society and programmes that are aligned with the South African Government’s Reconstruction and Development Plan. The vision is to ensure that we ease the burden of the previously disadvantaged community via charity organizations and non-governmental organizations, and contribute to the generation of balanced, sustainable economic growth through the creation of support of SMME’s (small, medium and micro enterprises). 3M’s contribution is in the form of products, skills training and finances. These resources are invested into the major social development areas such as Healthcare, Education and Economic Development.