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Case Studies

Want to know how someone else has addressed the very issue you are facing? We've produced a wide range of case studies covering a host of topics such as road signing, vehicle conspicuity and driver safety. Just click on the relevant tab below.


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Seeing was Believing

Late last year, 'Seeing is Believing' gave us a great platform to demonstrate how our products perform in situ and to prove they are best in class.


3M Assists Morelock Signs to Lead The Field

3M approved signmaker, Morelock, has become the first company in the UK to achieve formal registration to the new European harmonized standard BS EN 12899:2007. The standard for Fixed Vertical Road Traffic Signs, is further endorsed with the CE mark of approval.


Area 8 signs up to HIP

Highways Agency Area 8 is embarking on several major re-signing projects, with 3M™ High Intensity Prismatic (HIP) Reflective Sheeting as the material of choice throughout the region.


Back to school

3M™ Diamond Grade™ DG3 Reflective Sheeting is doing its bit to protect one of the best-loved figures of British childhood.


Local action

3M has helped Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council (DMBC) respond to local concerns following a number of collisions along Penfields Road in Stourbridge.


Signs do an A1 Job in the North East

Twelve new gantry signs made using 3M™ Diamond Grade DG3 Reflective Sheeting have been installed on the A1 between the A696 Kenton Bar Interchange and Blaydon Bridge, known locally as the Newcastle/Gateshead Western Bypass (NGWB).


Digital Printer in Practice: Morelock Signs

When Morelock Signs decided to go digital, it was in expectation of environmental savings as much as productivity gains.


Doncaster gets the DG3 treatment

Doncaster now claims the only integrated public transport and retail complex under one roof in the UK. As befits a pioneering project, 3M's newest signing material has been used to make sure the traffic runs smoothly.


Durham makes its choice

Durham County Council has used the provisions within BS8408 to specify High Intensity Prismatic Reflective Sheeting (HIP) in every situation where Class Ref 2 performance is desired.


Wise plans for The Sage

The latest attraction to open in the regenerated Gateshead Quays is the magnificent Sage Gateshead concert venue. It's a new-look attraction that needed some new-look signs.


Strategic benefits

Work to improve town centre signing for Middlesbrough has proved so successful it has been extended to the whole borough.


Wider support for 3M™ Diamond Grade™ Sheeting

The work to widen the M25 is well under way. But with no reduction in vehicle numbers, routing traffic through the road works safely is a mission-critical operation.


Ireland joins the race for HIP

A demonstration at Leopardstown racecourse gave Irish signmakers their first sight of 3M™ High Intensity Prismatic Reflective Sheeting (HIP). Now the race is on to complete several major projects using this new material.


Digital Printer in Practice: William Smith

Signmakers William Smith had been hoping for someone to develop a digital traffic sign printer. Now the wait is over.


Rule Changers

Few new products can claim to have changed the law, but the TMP Flecta® bollard, using 3M™ Diamond Grade™ Sheeting, is one that can.


Going up in the world

New gantry signs on two main perimeter roads into Dublin have given 3M™ Diamond Grade™ DG3 Reflective Sheeting a chance to get Irish eyes smiling.


A stunning innovation however you look at it

Once in a while a new product innovation comes along that stands in a league of its own. That's what you have with 3M™ Diamond Grade™ DG3 Reflective Sheeting, a microprismatic reflective sheeting that gives outstanding performance at every viewing angle and every viewing distance.


Brighter future for Dearne Valley

The regeneration of the Dearne Valley has involved the construction of new roads and new signs made from 3M™ Diamond Grade™ VIP Reflective Sheeting.


Along the Right Lines

The 3M™ Linear Delineation System (LDS) has been used as part of a series of measures in a local safety scheme in Dudley Council aimed at reducing the number of accidents that have occurred along the busy A458 Mucklow Hill in Halesowen, West Midlands.

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Walkers Snacks

"The drivers really like the reflective markings; especially the visibility of the rear red box that makes the vehicle stand out from such a long distance on the road. The side stripes are equally important when confronted with a lorry that is turning or pulling out from a junction"


Brighter Means Safer - East Midlands Ambulance Service

For the East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS), being safe is all about being seen. With a responsibility for colleagues and patients across the six counties of Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Leicestershire & Rutland, Steve Farnsworth manages one of the biggest ambulance fleets in the country. And like every fleet manager, safety is at the forefront of all his decisions.


Saving Lives, Saving Money – Essex Police

Once 3M™ Diamond Grade DG3 reflective sheeting with assured seal has done its main job of protecting police officers, Essex Police are especially pleased that it also protects their investments.


Hundred Percenters – Great Western Ambulance Service

Great Western Ambulance Service has been 100% committed to 3M™ Diamond Grade™ DG3 Reflective Sheeting with assured seal ever since it was launched. There ought to be moments in everyone's working life when something positive happens that really makes a lasting impression. For Dave Holmes, Fleet Manager of Great Western Ambulance Service one such moment came roughly four years ago.


Keeping Up Appearances – John Dennis Coach Builders

As the UK's leading designer of fire engines and rescue vehicles, John Dennis Coachbuilders has a hard-earned reputation for quality. "Different fire brigades have different preferences about the use of battenburg or stripes," says Gwyn Evans, "but with more than 90% of our vehicles using 3M reflective markings, there's no doubt where the preference lies when it comes to visibility and the choice of the best material."


Compliments All Round – Kent Police

Since switching to 3M™ Diamond Grade DG3 Reflective Sheeting with assured seal in 2007, Kent Police has received nothing but praise for the appearance and performance of its vehicles.


Long Lasting in Merseyside – Merseyside Police

After years of excellent service, Merseyside Police won't be changing from 3M™ Diamond Grade™ DG3 reflective sheeting with assured seal any time soon.


Long Lasting Service - Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service

Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service has been using 3M reflective materials since 1992, and in almost 20 years of service, there has never been a problem. "We've been using 3M ever since I came here 18 years ago," says Engineering Services Manager, Ken Jones. "It has really proved its worth.


Noticeably Brighter and Better - South Central Ambulance

South Central Ambulance service is well placed to assess 3M's sheeting, and by every measure, 3M™ Diamond Grade DG3 Reflective Sheeting with assured seal is coming out on top.


No Need for Reflection – Surrey Police

The Head of Fleet and Supplies for Surrey Police needs no time to reflect on his opinion about 3M™ Diamond Grade™ DG3 Reflective Sheeting with assured seal. When asked for his comments about 3M's solution for marking his vehicles, Ian Plumridge gets straight to the point. "I'm convinced it's the best," he says. "It works well, it keeps its colour and its reflectivity is the same year on year. It's a very good package."


Total Commitment - West Midlands Ambulance Service

The commitment to keep colleagues safe and happy is why West Midlands Ambulance Service opts for 3M reflective sheeting on all its new vehicles. With 800+ vehicles to look after, in a region covering Warwickshire, Birmingham, the Black Country, Herefordshire, Shropshire, Worcestershire and Staffordshire, there are enough issues to contend with, without having to worry about the reflective sheeting on a vehicle.

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Passing the Snow Plough Test

The harshest winter for many years meant an early test of strength for 3M road studs in Ireland. Bright and strong, the 3M™ 301/290 Marker Series Road Studs have certainly proved their worth on the M3 this winter, and everyone is confident that they will do so for many years to come.


Studying the Studs

3M™ Marker Series 290 roadstuds have been used on a 24km stretch of brand new motorway in Ireland, which opened in March 2010. The construction of a major inter-urban route connecting Dublin and Waterford is a key part of the Irish government's strategy for economic growth and road safety improvements.


In Praise of the Northern Lights

With such a beautiful landscape to look at during daylight hours, any driver could be forgiven for taking their eyes off the road just once in a while. But, at night, Scotland Transerv has found a road stud to keep a driver's focus firmly fixed on driving safely.


M3 turns to 3M

The largest motorway project in the history of Ireland has recently opened, and 3M has 30,000 reasons to be proud of its involvement. For any large-scale civil engineering project to open on time, it's clear that every stage of the build must run smoothly and efficiently. So when the M3, which crosses from Clonee to Kells, was opened ahead of schedule on June 4th it represented a major achievement for all concerned.


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