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Traffic Signing

Permanent Signing

When it comes to creating the perfect sign, we believe we've thought of everything… how well the sign performs, how easy it is to make and maintain and how to limit the environmental impact of our production methods. By bringing technological innovation to every aspect of our business, we can offer products and components that guarantee the best performance, the greatest return on your investment, and the kindest option for the planet.

Permament Signing

Sign Making Sheeting

Our micro-prismatic technology is simply best in class. No other signface material can match us for brightness and reflective performance across all viewing angles, distances and in all light conditions. We also offer long-term warranties, ease of handling and fast delivery, along with any technical support that's needed .

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Temporary Signing

Protective Overlay Films

These are specially designed transparent films that can be laid over the top of a signface to provide extra resistance to natural conditions like dew and dirt, and nuisance problems, such as graffiti and fly-posting. There is no appreciable loss in performance of the reflective sheeting underneath, but huge potential gains in protecting your investment.

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Digital Printing

Sign Making Components

Any sign is only as good as its weakest component so we have developed printing inks, films and tapes that are compatible with all our reflective sheeting, and will maximise the performance of your road signs.

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