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Welding Safety

It is the responsibility of the employer to identify any hazards that are to be found in the working environment and to provide the workers with adequate protection. The choice of protective equipment is often made after consultation between employers and users. Always contact your Safety Engineer, company health representative or other experts if there are any doubts.

The human eye

There are no second chances when it comes to your eyes (PDF, 80KB)
The human eye is by nature soft and vulnerable, particularly in the harsh, gritty world of electric arc welding. Many welding and cutting procedures emit dangerous light radiation.

Health effects from welding

Health effects from welding fumes are generally less obvious (PDF, 2.0MB)
Although welders benefit from both general ventilation and local fume extraction, their faces are typically very close to, and immediately above, the welding arc... exactly where the plume of fumes is most concentrated.

Metal fume

Hazard Spotlight: Metal Fume (PDF, 618KB)
It is no coincidence that many workers within the metal industries seem to suffer from flu symptoms (runny nose, fever, headache etc.) but these symptoms may not relate to flu at all - they can be caused by the inhalation of metal fumes generated from welding and related processes.