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3M Pathogen solutions

3M Pathogen solutions

Molecular Pathogen Testing

We help you detect pathogens and toxins in raw materials, finished product or environmental surfaces in production facilities. Directly or with your contract Laboratory, with a variety of solutions:

We have created a fast, simpler detection method for pathogens - a solution that delivers accurate results, impacts your bottom line and protects your brand.

The 3M™ Molecular Detection System is powered by an innovative combination of unique technologies - Isothermal DNA Amplification and Bioluminescence Detection - to provide a solution that is fast, accurate, easy-to-use and affordable. It’s pathogen testing made pure and simple.

ELISA based Pathogen Testing

In addition to the molecular Pathogen test, we also offer Pathogen testing based on the recognized ELISA technology:

Fast, reliable and accurate detection of pathogens and toxins in food:
3M™ Tecra™ Visual Immunoassay VIA Tests (US, English)

Internationally validated (AOAC)
Salmonella, Listeria, Campylobacter
Bacillus and Staphylococcal Enterotoxin.

Environmental testing for Pathogens

3M™ Environmental Listeria KitBy controlling your environment, you can reduce risk of cross-contamination to your production. We offer an easy-to-use solution for direct detection of Listeria on site. The 3M™ Environmental Listeria Kit (US, English) is a contained system that can help you assess Critical Control Points with results as fast as in 48h with a simple colour reaction.

3M™ Petrifilm Environmental Listeria PlatesOur renowned 3M™ Petrifilm Plates (US, English) can also help you monitoring the Environment. Surface sampling made easy as they can be premoistend, they bend around difficult to access areas and can also be used to sample air.