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Workplace Health and Safety

3M makes comfortable protection solutions designed to ensure worker safety and meet protection requirements.

Flooring and Matting
Flooring and Matting

Our range of 3M Nomad™ Entrance Matting System and 3M Safety-Walk™ products are designed to be effectively slip-resistant and incredibly durable.

Choose the option that suits your particular environment:

  • Nomad Entrance Matting System is designed to stop dirt and moisture at the door, helping keep floors clean throughout your entire facility.  It is called a system because it is more than just a single mat.  It consists of different types of mats, each doing its specific job to keep your building clean.  The matting is available in many sizes, colours and constructions to fit any decor and traffic level.  A Nomad entrance matting system helps provide better looking floors, floors that stay cleaner longer, and floors that are safer and easier to maintain.
  • Safety-Walk General Purpose surfacing - an abrasive-coated material available in a choice of five colours, suitable for all slippery areas where there is light vehicle or heavy pedestrian traffic, including ramps, stairways, corridors, production and storage rooms.
  • Safety-Walk Coarse surfacing - a tough, black, abrasive matting, that resists clogging from heavier soiling such as mud or oil. It is ideal for civil engineering, building construction, agriculture and forestry applications.
  • Safety-Walk Conformable surfacing - a high-friction, aluminium-backed material, designed for irregular or contoured surfaces, that you can roll or hammer into shape. Available in black and yellow, it gives good resistance to petrol and solvents.
  • Safety-Walk Medium Resilient (black or grey) and Fine Resilient (white or clear) surfacing - non-mineral materials designed for barefoot and wet areas, great for showers and changing rooms, boats and watersports.
Occupational Health and Environmental Safety
Occupational Safety

Whatever job they're doing, our respirators, and eye and ear protection products are designed to maximise the safety and comfort of employees in the workplace. For help in choosing the right protection to shield your workers against harmful dust, dirt, noise, fumes and vapours, visit our Occupational Health & Environmental Safety website.

Workplace Health and Safety
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