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Security Solutions

3M has been in the security industry for more than 30 years. Our strong commitment to research & development and strategic acquisitions has allowed us to offer best-in-class solutions for nearly every aspect of the secure identity process, including security materials, biometric identification systems and complete credential issuance and authentication systems.

As the world's security challenges evolve, our industry-leading solutions are now found virtually everywhere you find security - at borders, in airports and retail shops and on everything from driver's licenses to security labels for dental products.

Electronic Monitoring

3M Electronic Monitoring is a leading innovator, developer, manufacturer and provider of presence and location verification technologies for the criminal justice industry. Since 1994, government agencies and private sector operators around the globe have trusted the experience of our people and our effective technology solutions to help ensure efficient and secure offender monitoring and tracking.
Visit our Electronic Monitoring site for more information.

Brand & Asset Protection

We began with security materials, and to our knowledge, after three decades, our technologies have not been successfully counterfeited. In that time, we've developed an extensive portfolio of overt and covert security material technologies. We've also gained significant experience creating security labels that are counterfeit- and tamper-resistant, helping to protect both the integrity of your brand and consumer value. Once your security labels are in place, we'll help you track your branded goods with proprietary supply chain tracking and serialisation systems that help provide you with maximum transparency from distribution to sales - and even into the consumer experience.
Visit our Brand & Asset Protection site.

Credential Issuance Systems

Our proprietary technologies help ensure that credentials are issued to the right person, by the right person and that, once issued, they cannot be tampered with or altered. We combine expertise in the end-to-end production of secure ID credentials - from enrollment and entitlement to secure credential production, personalisation and delivery - with knowledge of best-practice workflow. As a result, we are able to provide integration support and customised solutions that enhance operational efficiency and help reduce costs and implementation risks.
Visit our Credential Issuance site.

Document Authentication

We design our authentication solutions to help deliver more information in real time — helping border inspectors and airport personnel make efficient, informed decisions and deliver secure passenger and visitor processing and reporting. We work with customers to build customised authentication solutions to help prevent document fraud.
Visit our Document Authentication site.

Data Capture Hardware

We provide simple hardware solutions that can easily integrate with your back-end system, helping you accurately and efficiently capture guest and traveler information to enhance your business processes and meet regulations.
Visit our Data Capture Hardware site for more information.

Security Material Technologies for Credentials

Through a strong commitment to research and development, we continue to be an industry leader in proprietary security material technologies for secure credentials. By combining and layering technology solutions – overt and covert solutions with tamper-resistant technologies – we help protect documents from counterfeiting, altering and tampering. We offer a range of customised security laminates and films to provide moderate to very high levels of security.
Visit our Materials Technologies site.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems

Librarians are expected to preserve and protect the libraries resources and make sure that patrons get the most value. 3M RFID solutions can help librarians meet these responsibilities. Firstly, RFID’s security features can help to reduce the loss of items due to theft. Secondly, RFID helps librarians make every patron’s trip to the library as rewarding as possible. Items are where they are supposed to be, where customers and librarians can find them.
Visit our Library Systems site (EU, English) for more information.

Electromagnetic Systems

3M Library Security Systems are reliable and effective, and the most resistant to tampering and removal. Systems that operate on electromagnetic technology provide the highest level of security to help your library better protect its collection. Our technology, which delivers industry-leading detection rates, was specifically designed for libraries to ensure accuracy and minimize false alarms. A broad selection of different systems fit your custom needs and budget.
Visit our Library System site (EU, English) for more information.

Computer Screen Filters

If you work in an open plan office or travel for business, there is a high probability that someone has looked at your PC or laptop screen without you knowing. Without obstructing your view, 3M™ Privacy Filters ensure that prying eyes cannot see your data.
Visit our Computer Screen Filters site for more information.

Information and Material Security