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Computer Screen Filters

Whether you are concerned about data privacy, screen glare or damage to your LCD screen, we have a screen filter to meet your needs.

  • Help to protect valuable information on your laptop computer when travelling outside the office or working in public place.
  • Allow you to work on/look at confidential information at your desk without the risk of exposing the information to unauthorised observers by blacking out the data from a side view.
  • Help to reduce glare to minimize the risks of eyestrain and headaches
  • Help protect fragile LCD screens from scatches, damage and fingerprints

Privacy Filters

Guidance issued by the Data Protection Act Commissionaire confirms that appropriate safeguards should be put into place to ensure there is no disclosure of personal data to an unauthorised third party, without the consent of the individual concerned. By restricting the viewing angles of screens, 3M Privacy Filters can help with compliance.

Protecting sensitive or confidential information is hard enough in the office, but with more people using laptops, the risks of data loss and leakage are rapidly increasing. Ever worked on your laptop in a public place and felt like someone was looking at your data? Chances are, someone was!

Surveys have revealed that 89% of business travellers will snoop on their unsuspecting neighbours and that 69% of people don’t do anything to conceal their data. Data leakage is a serious issue, and 3M(TM) Privacy Filters can help you reduce the risk by restricting the viewing angles of your laptop or PC screen - so only you can see on-screen information.

Anti-Glare Filters

If you use your computer often and have experienced symptoms like headache, eye-strain, backache and neckache, you probably are a victim of "Computer Vision Syndrome" (CVS). These symptoms can effect productivity and comfort whilst at work. Our range of filters are designed to eliminate glare and reduce the risks of CVS. Choose from our light tint high-performance filters, our ISO compliant executive filters, or our standard models for glare reduction on a tighter budget.

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Computer Screen Filter
Computer Screen Filter