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Joints, Terminations and Identification Systems

We have developed our Cold Shrink technology to be used in medium voltage joints and terminations. Our one-part joint bodies and terminations have built-in stress control, semi-conducting and insulation layers. 3M Cold Shrink components are pre-stretched on a spiral core, which is removed by hand. The live memory action shrinks the component to give a reliable and durable seal.

  • Easy installation
  • Increased reliability
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Less hazardous working conditions
Cold Shrink Joint System

Improve reliability, reduce time, labour, and overall cost with our wide range of one-piece joint bodies. Fits cable sizes from 50mm up to 630mm (11kV up to 33kV).

Cold Shrink Medium Voltage Terminations

A one-piece design, manufactured with a specially formulated silicone material that reduces the likelihood of tracking, is UV stable and adverse to water (hydrophobic). It is available for indoor and outdoor applications for single core and 3-core cables up to 33kV.

Cold Shrink End Caps

Used to protect cable ends from environmental damage, our end caps are close-ended tubular rubber sleeves that are factory loaded onto a removable core. After positioning over the end of a cable, the core is removed by hand.

FR (Flame-Retardant) Re-enterable Resin

3M's No. 48 FR Re-enterable Resin can be used on either temporary or permanent cable joints. It is designed for easy removal, enabling further work or the recovery of parts, and can be removed with a simple plastic knife - no other tools, heat or solvents are required.

In addition to our Cold Shrink range, we also supply heat shrink, taped joints and resin joints.

Grafoplast™ Identification System
Grafoplast™ Identification System

3M acquired Grafoplast S.p.A. in 2008. This innovative identification system comprises of a thermal transfer sheet printer with plastic tags and printer accessories for making custom marks for terminal blocks, wires, cables, panel name plates, interior devices and other components. This system creates highly visible and durable identification for control panels or data communication panels. For product information, click here (Gulf, English).

Joints and Terminations